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Providing Families with Health News that Matters.


Autism Answers was founded to assist families and children, and to make our society more aware and responsive to the need for “diversity and inclusion,” in education, medical and legal services for the special needs of these children.


Autism Spectrum Disorders, (ASD's) currently affects 1 in 68 children in the United States, it is estimated that 1.5 million people in the United States are autistic. Four out of every five autistic children diagnosed are boys. Many autistic children require life long care at the cost of approximately four to five million dollars per person. No one knows the cause and there is no proven cure. The search for answers to the cause and cure of this neurological learning disability continues to baffle leading medical experts, and the educational, medical and financial needs of these children still remain severely under-served by the states, the federal government and our local school authorities. A major goal of Autism Answers is to provide medical and educational solutions to the children and the families living with autism. We see the need to get services, housing, resources and answers concerning the needs of this population into the hands of those that are directly affected by this development disability. Our LEAD initiative for change includes our commitment to not only research the etiology of how parasites are influencing autism, but to also bring our families and children on the autism spectrum solution to the challenges of adolescent/adult housing, and education facilities that are devoted to truly addressing the whole individuals needs.


We are further dedicated to global solutions in providing appropriate educational and medical services to children on the autism spectrum. We hope to preserve and protect developmentally disabled children’s right to equal access and delivery of medical and educational services. Autism Answers is also committed to global vaccine education and safety. We hope to move the conscience of this great nation to respond to the medical, educational and legal needs of children with autism by raising the awareness of this multifaceted neuro-learning disability. 


Here on our Health News Page we have gathered some of our most informative articles on Health and Wellness, Treatment Options, Diversity and Inclusion, Medical Marijuana, Parasitic Infections, Vaccinations, and more. The more information that you have, the better prepared you will be to develop a custom treatment plan for your child or loved one with Autism or an ASD. 

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