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Benefits of Medical Cannabis

Dr. Hicks recommends Cannabis CBD oil for Autism and Cancer

Gary Franchi talks with Dr. Hicks and how he prescribes Cannabis CBD oil for Autism and Cancer at the Chicago Cannabis Conference at the booth

Boy Given Medical Marijuana to Manage Violent Autism Symptoms

Parents of a young boy are using medical marijuana to help manage violent self control issues due to Autism. The boys parents were not able to find a solution to their sons violent outbursts and self destructive behavior.They then researched using medical marijuana as a solution. The child has shown remarkable positive results using the liquid form of the drug.

A Plea to Fight Autism with Medical Marijuana

A state panel held a public hearing Wednesday on this topic to let parents weigh in. But, not everyone at the hearing was in favor of it

Local family using cannabis oil to treat children with autism

Jennifer Swanson-Collins talks about how she has been using cannabis oil to treat her two children, both of whom have autism.

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The Cannabis Manifesto

In The Cannabis Manifesto, Steve DeAngelo has written what amounts to the Declaration of Independence for Cannabis. He's been a leader of the movement to reform marijuana laws for more than 40 years, and is said to know "more about cannabis than almost anyone else." 

In clear, graceful prose, he begins with a truth he holds to be self-evident: "Cannabis is not harmful, but prohibition is."

Oregon family uses medical marijuana to manage son's autistic rage

On the day Alex was born, Jeremy Echols said he and his wife were full of hope. Until six weeks later, when their baby had his first seizure. 

"We didn't know he'd be autistic at that time," he said. "I think he was three when he started hurting himself though."


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