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Financial Assistance

Vacation Financial Assistance: Autism on the Seas

inancial Assistance is awarded in varying amounts to immediate family members only, Parents/Guardian's, qualifying children/adults and their siblings.  We evaluate each application individually to determine the amount of the Financial Assistance to be awarded and based on funding available at time of awarding.

The Helping Hand Program

The Helping Hand Program provides families with financial assistance in getting necessary medical treatments, lab testing, physician-recommended supplements and therapies for their child with autism. This program does not provide funding for iPads, camp tuition, respite care, fencing, trampolines, swingsets, trips to Disney World, etc.

Funding is extremely limited.  This program is intended ONLY for parents in DIRE financial need. Do not apply if your annual net income exceeds $50,000.  Helping Hand grants are one-time grants, previous recipients may not re-apply

Autism on Public Assistance

We have compiled this list of resources to help families. We will continue to update it as information becomes available

Autism Family Grants

Autism is an expensive condition all around. The following are various grants available for families and individuals residing in the United States.

Financial Help w/Housing

This article will introduce you to housing supports for people with autism and other developmental disabilities, and give you tips to help you navigate the process

Autism Grants in the United States

Autism is an expensive condition all around. The following are various grants available for families and individuals residing in the United States. Clicking on the name of the grant-giving organization will take you to the designated website.


Gluten, Casein, Soy Free Diet on Food Stamps

As the cornerstone of biomedical treatment, the Gluten-, Casein- and Soy-Free (GFCFSF) diet has resulted in tremendous progress for more than 90% of children with ASD who’ve tried it. The diet can be done many different ways, ranging from VERY expensive to very cheap – it all depends on how much premade food you buy versus making your own meals.

We wanted to find out if all of our families could afford this basic treatment so we did an investigation.  What we found out surprised us all and we are thrilled to offer this information to the autism community so more families will know they have access to such a vital treatment to help their children.

This article is NOT just for those who receive food stamps, but for anyone who wants to save money on the diet.

State and Federal Financial Support

Autism Action Partnership seeks to maximize our impact and increase inclusion for those on the autism spectrum through targeted grants and services.

Social Secuirty Disability and SSI Benefits for Autism

The required level of severity for autistic disorders is met when the following requirements are satisfied. A doctor must have found the child has:

  • deficits in reciprocal social interaction

  • deficits in communication and imagination, and

  • a restricted repertoire of activities and interests (not needed for Asperger's syndrome)

Charitable Grants for Individuals w/ Autism

Charitable Grants for Individuals with autism and their Families

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