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After School Programs

Kaleidoscope After-School Program

Kaleidoscope is an after-school program based in Dublin, California, open to children and young adults ages 5 to 22. The program offers specific programming for children, teens and young adults with disabilities working to integrate into the community. Kaleidoscope is open to individuals with a wide range of abilities and is not limited to those with an autism diagnosis.

Break It Down Total Sports

It is “Break it Down” Total Sports’ vision to teach children with autism and other special needs how to successfully participate in sports utilizing systematic teaching, building children’s motivation, decreasing interfering behaviors, and increasing independence. “Break it Down” Total Sports envisions placing children in groupings based on skill and independence level, including an advanced group that are nearly ready to join their own community sports leagues for the future. “Break it Down” Total Sports also envisions expanding the number of sites throughout Los Angeles County

Abilities United Palo Alto - Day Programs

In our day programs, you choose from a variety of activities to experience new opportunities and learn. You and your friends participate in activities to learn household tasks such as shopping, cooking, laundry, cleaning, and gardening; community life skills like transportation usage and restaurant dining; and how to access community resources such as libraries, museums, theaters, parks, and other public areas.

Ala Costa Centers: After School Programs/Day Camp

Ala Costa Centers’ after-school program offers school aged children with developmental disabilities academic support, enrichment activities, and help developing the skills and self-esteem that this underserved population needs for success in life. Families rely on Ala Costa to provide services that enable children with developmental disabilities to learn so that when they are in classroom or on their own, they have the skills needed to absorb and process information.

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