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Kennedy Krieger Institute

At Kennedy Krieger, there is no shortage of clinical programs to meet the specialized needs of children and adolescents with developmental disabilities. More than 35 different outpatient clinics, three inpatient units, several home and community programs and clinical laboratories all address the specific conditions of children with a wide range of disorders. Kennedy Krieger is recognized for its range of services in areas including autism, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, neurorehabilitation and feeding disorders. Most patients at Kennedy Krieger are seen on an outpatient basis

Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs

Parents are searching for qualified practitioners who can help their children reach their full potential. Clinicians are searching for solid, evidence-based education that will best prepare them to help their special needs patients. When searching through the complexities of these neuro-developmental disorders, MAPS helps provide direction.

Safe Minds

We refuse to accept the current autism paradigm that permits an unchecked epidemic and widespread suffering. Our model embraces risk-taking and experimental approaches. to accelerate breakthrough research and practices that will make an immediate difference. The crisis of autism demands this approach

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Our Kids: Supplement and Vitamin Retailer

Our Kids… was founded as the result of the joy we at Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy experience in working with Autistic children, their families, and their physicians. In addition to the compounded medications that we create for the Autistic community, we wanted to provide the very best supplements possible.   By focusing 100% of our product line exclusively on supplements for Autistic children and designing innovative, high quality products, we feel that we have accomplished this goal.  As a convenience to parents, we also offer hundreds of supplements by Kirkman, Thorne, Houston, Nordic Naturals, and many other popular brands

TRIAD: Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders

TRIAD is dedicated to improving assessment and treatment services for children with autism spectrum disorders and their families while advancing knowledge and training.

Our programs address community needs for cutting-edge information, high-quality support, and innovative interventions for children with autism spectrum disorders

CASD: Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders

The Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders (CASD) strives to be a national leader in improving the educational and health outcomes by identifying, and ultimately employing, the most effective evidence-based practices

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