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Autism Research Programs

Organization for Autism Research

In terms of research, we fund pilot studies that investigate issues related to diagnosis, early intervention, education, transition to adulthood, housing, employment, and life care. We have now committed almost more than $3.6 million to 204 applied research studies by autism professionals and graduate students pursuing degrees in field related to autism across the U.S., and we will approach $4 million in research funding with the graduate and larger applied research grants we make this year

Autism and Developmental Disorders Research Program

ADDRP focuses on improving the quality of life of individuals with autism spectrum disorder and/or intellectual disabilities. Through research methods that range from clinical trials, neuroimaging investigations, behavioral analysis to basic science methods, the researchers at ADDRP are committed to developing effective treatment strategies and identifying the causes of these conditions.

Our main research aim is to better understand the basic neurobiology of autism and other developmental disorders while furthering our understanding of how genetic and environmental factors may contribute to the onset and progression of these disorders. With this aim in mind, we conduct a variety of research studies and clinical trials of novel behavioral and biological therapies in hopes of developing effective interventions for the treatment of core features of these disorders

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NIH) - Autism Spectrum Disorder Research

NICHD is one of many federal agencies and NIH Institutes working to understand ASD. NICHD supports and conducts research on what causes autism, how best to detect signs of autism, how best to treat autism and its symptoms, and other topics

Kaiser Permanente Autism Research Program

Founded in 1961, the Division of Research’s research program is built on a base of rigorous epidemiologic investigation in a large, well-characterized population. Many of the division’s major contributions have been in the areas of risk factor identification, prevention, and drug safety. However, this is an exciting time in biologic, medical, and health services research, and the division is contributing to progress in many new areas including: research looking at the role of genes and the environment in health, clinical trials, and research to help answer the critical questions of how

Generation Resuce - Jenny McCarthy's Autism Organization

Generation Rescue curated a movement dedicated to providing comprehensive treatment opportunities to autism families. As an innovative and results-oriented organization, we bridge the gap between philanthropy and expert-driven services by collaborating with like-minded stakeholders. Together, our vision fosters a sense of belonging and hope for future generations.

The leading national organization that provides hope, information and immediate treatment assistance to families affected by autism spectrum disorders

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