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Teaching Methodologies


Naturalistic intervention can be used to help learners communicate or become more social. It can be useful with prelinguistic learners (i.e., learners who are not yet using formal language to communicate) as well as learners who formally communicate with words. Because naturalistic intervention is designed to be used in any setting and throughout the day, skills are more easily generalized.


It might be helpful to initially think of DTT as a series of “teaching attempts” with each “attempt” called a “discrete trial” or sometimes just a “trial”.


Using the Natural Language Paradigm (NLP) to increase vocalizations of older adults with cognitive impairments

The Natural Language Paradigm (NLP) has proven effective in increasing spontaneous verbalizations for children with autism.


If the Lovaas Approach has been recommended for your child, you may have some questions about the treatment. As a parent, you are vital to any intervention and it is important that you understand the goals and the strategies that you will be asked to support.


ABA is effective for children and adults with psychological disorders in a variety of settings, including schools, workplaces, homes, and clinics. It has also been shown that consistent ABA can significantly improve behaviors and skills and decrease the need for special services.

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